The micro team

Mark Greenwood

Mark Greenwood is an advertising creative with thirty years experience in the London agency scene during which he won a hatful of industry awards. Now, Mark’s role is to ensure that every creative idea produced at Greenwood&Bell is underpinned by sound marketing strategy.
He’s also responsible for leading our new business meetings and making the 11 o’clock coffees.
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Mandy Greenwood

Mandy Greenwood is a designer who has worked in the creative business, brought up a family and is now enjoying the challenge of running a business.
Mandy loves good food, a stylish garden and is great on accounts.



Featured in The Guardian

Read all about it – Greenwood&Bell in The Guardian’s Start Up Of The Year feature here.

Guardian headline on Greenwood&Bell



Double Nelson press coverage

Our charity cycle ride was picked up by the press in East Anglia and further afield.

Successful local press PR campaign for Greenwood&Bell




Greenwood&Bell Corporate Social Responsibility policy

As a family business, we care about what kind of company Greenwood&Bell is. So if there’s anything we’re not doing that you think we should be doing, please let us know.

1. Sustainability

Energy use: use low energy LED bulbs in the office, monitor energy use, consider energy consumption when purchasing equipment, turn off equipment when not in use.
Travel: use bikes and public transport whenever possible. The company car is an efficient, high mpl, low CO2 hatchback. Keep travel to a minimum.
[Given that we pay our own energy and transport bills, these aren’t entirely altruistic policies.]
Recycling: recycle waste including paper, card, printer cartridges, equipment and furniture. Landfill is the last resort.
Supply chains: use local suppliers whenever possible. Review printer’s environmental policies.
Digital storage: keep records in digital form, avoid printing hard copies wherever possible.
Plus, our office is a re-purposed agricultural building.

2. Community Involvement

Whenever possible we employ local freelancers and suppliers, because we value the local economy.
A key part of our business plan is to give assistance to charities and third sector organisations pro bono or at favourable rates. Currently we are helping three organisations who work in East Anglia, nationally and abroad.

3. Equal opportunities

Our policy for hiring freelancers and specialists is to give equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, age, disability, sexuality, or religion.

4. Ethical Marketing Practices

In a business not renowned for efforts in this area, we are determined to set our standards higher.
We understand that marketeers have a responsibility to society.
We place a high value on our customers and respect them as people.
We’re honest when we advertise our services to potential consumers.
We support the CAP UK Advertising Code in principle and spirit.
Legal, decent, honest and truthful are pretty good watchwords.