Greenwood&Bell advertising work

Our ethos is that advertising must have a strong strategy that underpins bright, energetic, engaging ideas. Here are some campaigns that put this into practice.


Lotus campaign by Greenwood&BellLotus

Marketing images for China

These images support Lotus’ marketing in China and help define Lotus as a quintessentially British brand.


Lotus campaign by Greenwood&Bell


Dealer support campaign
Press, posters, DM, banners, flyers and customer cards

The Lotus’ ‘Three’ campaign supported dealers in the UK, Germany, Holland, France and Italy.


Oasis campaign by Greenwood&Bell

Oasis School Accounting

B2B press campaign

Oasis produce Britain’s best accounting software for independent schools and this campaign communicates the product benefits simply and effectively. Despite competitors having much bigger budgets, consistent communications means that Oasis punch above their weight in the market place.


Norfolk tank Museum ArmourFest campaign by Greenwood&Bell

Norfolk Tank Museum

Press, posters and banner for weekend festival

The museum’s annual  military vehicle festival was this year rebranded as The Norfolk Tank Museum Armourfest. Countdown ads ran in the EDP for the three weeks before the event and posters and banners ran in and around the museum. It looks like Armourfest has been the museum’s most successful event ever.


Vanguard Communications campaign by Greenwood&Bell

Vanguard Communications

Brochure, leaflets, exhibition stand

Award winning telecoms business Vanguard Communication’s new campaign kicks off with brochures, leaflets, banner and an ad. In a sector where reliable advice can be hard to find, this campaign communicates Vanguard’s experience, independence and honest approach.